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We are a leading African Sustainable Development Organisation

Who could know an area better than its locals? The best way to get the most out of your time in South Africa is to engage with communities on your travels. We have been working in communities on tourism enterprise development since 1991. Being part of diverse cultures in communities across South Africa, we know the country inside out, making us your perfect travel companion. Developed over 30 years we are experts in designing bespoke travel itineraries traversing South Africa and beyond which integrate community-based tourism enterprises and experiences.

All experiences we offer are 100% owned and managed by local entrepreneurs. Dreamcatcher trains its suppliers intensively and helps to calculate market-related and fair prices for their products. We ensure that community-based suppliers receive 100% of the price they quote. 

Why choose us?

Our founder, Anthea (known as Dreamcatcher), recognized the opportunities inherit in tourism, to stimulate socio-economic growth in local communities over 3 decades ago. Dreamcatcher’s goal was to disrupt mainstream tourism itineraries to offer a more authentic experience affirming and celebrating the rich cultural and geographic diversity of the country. Her dream was to transform the tourism industry creating a new generation of enterprises offering experiences inclusive of humanity, sharing the benefits of tourism for the greater good of society.

Simultaneously this would address over tourism to the same few attractions that left most of South Africa’s incredible beauty and cultures undiscovered. Anthea controversially introduced the concept of tourism enterprise in township communities in 1988 and set up Dreamcatcher in 1991. It was her vision to develop a network of women-led tourism enterprises providing engaging and authentic tourism services. Her ‘Kamamma’ philosophy (mother who carries her child/community on her back), embraces the 3 pillars of sustainability embedding social, economic and environmental integrity. As custodians for culture and the environment, enterprises support the wider community through job creation, and projects addressing local challenges.

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Bespoke itinerary development

Much more is possible. We relish unfolding your dream trip. If this is for you – contact us today. Welcome! Feel free to check out this video about the experience.