Do you want to Go Truly Local? ALAAPii is collaborating with DREAMCATCHER SOUTH AFRICA npc  and drawing on the expertise, skills, knowledge of the award winning social change enabler. Anthea Rossouw is the globally recognised founder of both these initiatives. Dreamcatcher is respected and revered in local communities and local tourism stakeholders across Africa. The founding non-negotiable principle of Dreamcatcher South Africa npc was to build a new socio-economic pathway in Africa, framed by tourism. Sustainability has been the cor principles guiding its pioneering actions for 32 years already! We believe it is time to take Dreamcatcher internationally in collaboration with our local partners, based on the clear findings that the vulnerable, struggling communities, living in abject poverty have been most affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Dreamcatcher is a non-profit that monitors ALAAPii to track the sustainable impact of the tours.

The organization was born from our commitment to create jobs and build economic strength in communities throughout Africa. We wish to support and create ethical, resilient, happy businesses that are part of the local community’s social fabric. The management and the empowerment of enterprises, job creation and environmental stewardship, is as local as possible.

ALAAPii uses tourism as the vehicle for change based on the principles of an inclusive human centred approach. It embraces diversity, imbedded in environmental integrity and commits to work collaboratively to deliver on the UN SDG’s and Paris Cop26 Agreements.  ALAAPii is committed to fast track this following the practical, outcomes based ‘ as locally as possible’ expertise and route of DREAMCATCHER SOUTH AFRICA.

We not only offer tourism services. The organization also provides capital, management, coaching, business guidance, a market and practical services to individuals, entrepreneurs, local managers, old and new businesses. We act as a collaborative client/customer/partner to enable sustainable local job creation, employment opportunities, and create robust complete communities where people can raise their families, educate their children, feel safe, feel connected, be supported, relax, and enjoy life. By creating a circular economy, the money that is earned in the community stays there and simulates local socio-economic growth.