All experiences we offer are 100% owned and managed by local entrepreneurs. Dreamcatcher trains its suppliers intensively and helps to calculate market-related and fair prices for their products. We ensure that community-based suppliers receive 100% of the price they quote. 

We offer a range of experiences on our travel routes carefully developed with the locals. We call them ‘ Go truly Local with Dreamcatcher‘ for a taste of reality:

  • Alternative Cape winelands tours
  • Be part of the inside story of Wasteland – Graced Land
  • Cook-up with Kamamma
  • Arts & Crafting for Humanity
  • From Sophiatown to Soweto
  • Homestay with Kamamma
  • The garden in the Garden Route at ‘La Bloemen’ Botanical Garden
  • The Awakening: PaintUp with Kamamma
  • Volunteer, work and play with locals
  • WalkAbout & TalkAbout community engagement Tours

Much more is possible. We relish unfolding your dream trip. If this is for you – contact us today. Welcome! Feel free to check out this video about the experience.

Go Truly Local goes international!

We have been working with partners across Africa to create the most inclusive and sustainable tours. We are offering all of our Go Truly Local experiences on the website of ALAAPii, our forum for trips inside and outside of South Africa.



The best way to get the most out of your time in South Africa is to change the usual bus window tour of the country into one that is enhanced with the chance to connect with the local people in communities. Who could know an area better than its locals, run and owned and run, proudly by the local enterprises?

Dreamcatcher is in the perfect position to do this. With our founding roots Established working in socio-economic development in impoverished communities across South Africa, since 1985. We are thus well known by the people and know the country inside out.

Why choose us to assist you?

Our founder, Anthea recognized the impact and opportunities inherit in tourism, over 3 decades ago. She controversially introduced the concept of tourism as a community growth generator into the communities in South Africa in 1988. Dreamcatcher’s goal was to break the mould of isolation to transform the tourism experiences offered in South Africa. It was her dream to involve the communities and their special lifestyle and activities and merge it with the nature they live; Anthea envisioned a South African experience, which would encourage visitors to escape the traditional bus window spectator type of tourism that was offered.

Dreamcatcher thus offers visitors, a profound and immersive visit with, (not to) communities, enabling them to enjoy the fun and insightful engagement experiences in local communities across South Africa. As they travelled the length and breadth of the land, visitors realize just how much they would have missed had they not done so.

Today as the world and also travellers have evolved, there are growing numbers of visitors who want more than peering at people through a bus window or experiencing ’ staged culture. They are rather seeking meaningful encounters with local people of the land and so share their own.

Dreamcatcher enable discerning visitors to discover those amazing peopling living in areas and destinations most visitors on mainstream tours miss out on completely. We call this Going truly Local.

Yellow leisure on ostrich eggs

It is therefore fair to say that Dreamcatcher is the founder of authentic, lifestyle or community based tourism in South Africa. We have developed experiences with the locals to enable visitors to engage meaningfully with our vibrant cultures, learn about -and experience life as it is truly lived by staying overnight or joining our Dreamcatcher Kamamma’s to cook and eat together. You may wish to make a difference by volunteering at some point as you travel through the country where nature and scenic beauty abound, by choosing our “work and play with locals “option. By offering heart-warming experiences owned and run wholly by the community entrepreneurs, we ensure that the benefits are channelled locally to generate optimal impact. We put an end to aid without end and empower locals to accept accountability as custodians of their local environment and to offer a professional tourism service to bring much-needed income into their community to stimulate business at local level.

This was Mandela’s dream – and we will walk this talk. Join us today. Welcome!



We offer a range of experiences on our travel routes carefully developed with the locals. We call them ‘ Go truly Local with Dreamcatcher‘:

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Tour operators

Who could know an area and what it needs better than the local service providers whose aim and commitment to their communities are irrefutable? At the same time it is important for us at Dreamcatcher to work with international partners who are seeking an authentic, un-staged local experience of life as really lived for their valued clients and are committed to the principles of the Millennium goals. As a pre-requisite we also choose to work with partners who know and understand the importance of ensuring tangible and measurable fair access to the benefits of tourism and skills at local level. We are thus happy to introduce you to our Dreamcatcher preferred, accredited and trained travel partners. You are therefore assured of the level and type of service you yearn for at grass roots by contacting them to assist you.

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