Dreamcatcher Foundation’s project ‘Waste it’s Mine it’s Yours’, works on minimising the Impacts of general consumer waste. We place special emphasis on importance of re-use and how it can impact positively on local quality of life. We pioneer projects which use waste as a valuable resource, conserving energy and water and managing the impacts of waste in the community, with the community. This way we create a circular economy, reducing the impact of waste on climate change. Made in Melkhoutfontein is one of these projects. Have a look at the products in OUR SHOP.

Our Mission

Made in Melkhoutfontein is a pioneering project developing crafts from recycled waste found in the communities and on the beaches. The project also uses the invader plant specie ‘Acacia Cyclops’, which destroyed large areas of natural habitat in the region. Removing them helps the indigenous plants (fynbos) to regain their territory.

The initiative is empowering crafters in the community of Melkhoutfontein, the region of Hessequa, Garden Route, South Africa. They ‘Trend up their Trash‘ by turning it into a resource to sustain themselves. Simultaneously we contribute to the environment to eradicate and use the invader specie.

We are committed to pioneering models for sustainable solutions to enable a circular economy. Made in Melkhoufontein especially aims for poverty relief by engaging and working with local township communities in South Africa. We reach out to build knowledge globally. In doing so, we create jobs, social entrepreneurs, improved local economy, local environmental quality and sustainable living.

The new craft and design project, Wasteland – Graced Land – is currently a workable model with merit to share wider afield. This includes beyond the borders of South Africa, into the heartland of communities – especially those living in poverty on low income and unemployed.

Training crafters

The group of aspiring crafters were trained by a team of 2 local South African crafting tutors, joined by a team of 6 craft, design -and and waste management tutors from the University of Brighton in the UK. Additionally we developed a local community recycling -and re-use scheme. This resulted in a local group of waste influencers now functional in their community.

The crafters are proud of the materials they use for their crafts. They divert the waste from the landfill and share the improved local impact in terms of health and environmental well-being with their clients. As a duty of care in terms of health and safety ethos, trained 1st Aid Responders are always present in the crafting workshop.