Helping individuals to integrate with their community – Medical, Mentoring and Social Assistance: Second Chance

Though our projects and programmes we aim to involve the community as a whole, we do not ignore the hopes, needs, situations and aspirations of individuals or groups who experience special needs. These can be special motivation, personal mentoring, or encouragement, building of self esteem, help with school work, overcome feelings of marginalization or have special physical needs. As a result of these special needs, they cannot or do not integrate or participate optimally in daily community life. Part of our ethos and approach it that the Kamammas and Bhutis must identify such individuals in order for us to work together to address whatever the need or situation is which inhibits a quality of community life may be.

We call this special needs projects: A Second Chance.  Dreamcatcher currently has 4. At times we may have a dozen. We cannot address them all but we endeavour to help out where possible. Sometimes it means simply giving a physically challenged young woman a wheel chair or creating a safety net, for children living in dire circumstances, keeping heads and ears warm in winter or helping them to concentrate. Together with the Kamamma, we help to put them their feet.

Dreamcatcher has had some amazing results, which inspire us to find partners to join us to make a difference. Why not join us and make contact today? You never know the impact this could have!