This article speaks to the history of Melkhoutfontein, the home of the Wasteland – Graced Land experience. The earliest drawing by a human was found in the Blombos cave in Stilbaai, near Melkhoutfontein South Africa. This ancient cultural history was the inspiration behind our The Awakening: PaintUp with Kamamma.

PaintUp Kamamma is an innovative project, developed with the community to create a sustainable, thriving tourist economy in South Africa’s Melkhoutfontein community. For this we utilize art, storytelling, re-enactment of history, humanity and cultural awakening. It is a ground breaking project of joining hands globally to facilitate development, restoration, beautification and development of crafters using crafts from resources in the community. Learn more about the project here.

Other projects related to this are the Wasteland – Graced Land experience and Walking with Ancestors at Mont Blanc.