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Dreamcatcher (NPC Reg No. 2019/142532/08) was established in 1991 to improve quality of life in struggling communities in South Africa. At his inauguration as State President in 1994, Nelson Mandela’s plea to all South Africans was: ‘To work together to create a better future for all our people’.

Spending formative years engaging with township communities across South Africa, our founder Anthea Rossouw identified the challenges inhibiting sustainable socio-economic growth. Key barriers were inadequate education, purposed skills, and poor environmental quality. There was exclusion from tourism, and its peripheral services, which offered significant opportunities for enterprise creation stimulating socio-economic change.

Affirming and celebrating diversity, our ethos and core expertise is addressing these challenges through inclusive enterprise development, environmental protection, literacy and skills transfer. For over 30 years Dreamcatcher South Africa NPC has been a trailblazer to transform tourism through travel route and destination development effecting geographical spread and the benefits of tourism. As a leading African Sustainable Development organisation, Dreamcatcher’s award winning models facilitating social change are globally recognised.

Every visitor, local enterprise and engaged community contributes to realising Mandela’s plea whilst tangibly contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We are ahead of the curve – join us on your next African journey!

Diversity * Environment * Inclusivity * Humanity * Wellbeing