Every little bit helps

We are grateful to the donors as global contributing citizens, for donations and grants to help Dreamcatcher to continue in our quest with the communities we work in across South Africa. Since our inception, our aim with the donations we generate, is to develop a platform for giving globally to join Team Dreamcatcher and make a collective difference. Every dollar, rand, euro and pound goes directly into our bank account, avoids handling fees by subsidiaries or third parties costs and mounts up to deliver impact locally by generous people globally.

Chenoa Gachupin volunteering at Dreamcatcher South Africa

We believe in putting an end to aid without end and that each project we embark upon, must facilitate a legacy, be sustainable and facilitate increased quality of life and a chance for realise their potential, for the women, children and youth on our projects. Our donors thus have ease of mind that their money goes where it is intended. The Dreamcatcher team, overseen by committed management board members, with caring intent and carefully audited accounting system, ensure that every dollar,rand, pound and euro work for the purpose it was sought. We are your hands and feet on the ground and our donors give us wings to fly further together in a truly a global partnership.

How do we decide and what do we spend the donations on?

We research the needs with the Kamammas and stakeholders in their communities and guide projects, track impacts and measure results. We actively engage youth and children on issues which impact upon the environment, their health and lack of skills and we endeavour to address barriers which inhibit their development. No funds are spent in isolation, but rather with a purpose to bring lasting or long term results. It can thus be safely assumed that we have our ears and feet on the ground in each of the 16 township communities where Dreamcatcher is involved across South Africa. Subscribing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Dreamcatcher has a strong environmental, health and wellness ethos; we address recurring poverty, food poverty and sustained unemployment.

Volunteers making a difference for Dreamcatcher South Africa

Dreamcatcher has identified, mentored and trained strong women in each Dreamcatcher community in South Africa to affect and bring about positive change with us in a team to contribute her skills, identifying projects/activity and needs. To facilitate growth, she leads by example. We do not develop the Kamamma (community mother who carries her child/community on her back), in isolation to forget their roots. Our way is to assist her to help herself and then to affect change where she lives.

Dreamcatcher Kamammas thus stay and live close to their roots. Focusing on women and youth particularly, we join hands to enable the growth of knowledge, education, skills in her community. and direct our efforts at promoting health and wellness and addressing recurring food poverty. Over the 2 decades we have been working and living in the township communities.

Donation options

Thank you for considering to donate. Kindly click on the secure PayPal donation button, which is securely linked to our projects accessible from this page under DONATION OPTIONS. We also invite you to be in touch by filling in the Dreamcatcher donation form. We would love to hear from you. Our financials are stringently audited and are acknowledged on the payment advices and on our website.

We have two fund raising channels to chose from:
(Note they are both connected to secure PayPal payment systems)

1.Dreamcatcher Sustainable Community Development Fund

This FoundationTrust fund provides a secure mechanism for people who want to donate but are unsure of where the need is the greatest at that time, but wish to contribute to the ‘ Global Dreamcatcher Dream Catching Goals . As life is dynamic in the communities, we will report back on our donor lists, where funds were directed to at that specific moment, given that we support over 100 rewarding projects across 16 communities. We also work on special projects in partnership with universities and development partners globally.

2. Special Dream Catching Projects

From time to time volunteers, visitors or the community themselves present us with a project(s) which are imperative to receive urgent attention or have identified an urgent/important need, which if granted, makes a significant difference, fast. If you have any specific Dreamcatcher project you want to support please state this with the donation.

Dear Donors, At Dreamcatcher, we are Ubuntu (we are what we are through our association with others). Thank you for considering to walk the talking with us!

Our Loyal Donors

We received donations from many organisations and people all over the World. Every euro, pound, dollar, rand and all the people helping are much needed and immensely appreciated. Here’s the list of our Donors – Monetary Donations, Grants, Resources, Logistical Support and Promotion.

What can your money do for us?

  • £9000/€10000/$13000, will help us to build bedrooms and a bathroom onto a permanent site we have found, for Mary and David, the house parents of (Mary’s House of Hope and Dreams), where they care for 14 children and youth, some of whom are HIV/AIDS positive, most abandoned, severely abused and malnourished on a permanent basis. Together with Kamamma Maria we are changing the lives of these children – this donation will help us to change it for good. Funding is currently being sought in the United Kingdom and is in process. School resources for 2016 were dpnated by Carole Spiers and Michael Halpern United Kingdom.
  • £2000/€2300/$3200 donated in the coming year will ensure that there is a caring carer at hand to offer a temporary home to children and women finding themselves in dire medical need and assistance in emergency out of hours or weekends as also a screening after care centre to check and teach hygiene and eliminate basic health care issues which result in illness for children and youth between the ages of 5 and 14 years. Rose’s Emergency Services. Funding is currently being sought for an appropriately equipped medical bag.
  • £2000/€2300/$3200 donated in the coming year will ensure that there is a caring carer at hand to offer a temporary home to children and women finding themselves homeless due to alcohol, drugs, physical abuse in their home. (Cathy’s Safe Corner). Funding to add two more rooms have been kindly donated by Lynne and David Woodard, United Kingdom.
  • £5/€6/$10 per week ensures that a Dreamcatcher kid has a nutritious meal and fresh fruit. Daily. Funding for 2015 has been sourced in the United Kingdom and has been provided by The Woodard Family: Ryan, David and Lynne.
  • £700/€850/$1000 a year offers school resources, stationary, files, books for 100 children. Resources are currently being provided by individual volunteers and visitors to our Kamamma Homestays – and Cook-up with Kamamma tourist services. These visitors are predominantly from the United States, United Kingdom and The Netherlands.
  • $750/€900/$1000 a year provides much needed shoes, school uniforms and winter jackets/rain coats and own blanket for kids without any. Funding was sought by Dreamcatcher Foundation Netherlands and was sourced from Moments of Joy, The Hague, Netherlands.
  • £1000/€1200/$1400 a year in 2014 will help us to pay the school fees and important resource needs for some of our Dreamcatcher kids who have evolved and developed through to High School and College, of 5 gifted, scholastically motivated children and youth who have been part of our DC Kids programme and are now excelling at school. We need help to keep them there! Funding was successfully sourced from Hank and Aleid Beerman, in The Netherlands for 2014. We are currently seeking sponsors for 2015/2016.
  • $750/€900/$1000 a year provides much needed shoes, school uniforms and winter jackets/rain coats and own blanket for kids without any. Funding was sought by Dreamcatcher Foundation Netherlands and was sourced from Moments of Joy, The Hague, Netherlands.
  • $7000/€5500/£5000 will provide the much needed funding to put Dreamcatcher Kamamma Rosie back on her feet.. Rosie cannot walk and is confined to bed and a wheelchair due to both her hips disintegrating due to sever rheumatoid arthritis. Rosie needs two operations to replace both her hips and she lives in extreme pain. Rosie has been waiting for over 10 years and is slowly giving up on the dream of walking again and running her Homestay or contributing to her local community. Funding has been provided by Dreamcatcher Foundation, Netherlands for both operations via the Zadok Hoeve Organisation in The Netherlands.Rosie can now stand and walk slowly on her own. All she now needs are physio therapy sessions to improve her walking. We hope to raise this as soon as possible.
  • $20000/€18000/£16500 – KickUp with Kamamma DVD Project – Building a strong and healthy body and mind and developing self esteem and confidence to lead in her community, business, class and future. Funding has been obtained from The Utopia Foundation, United States of America to the value of $10,000. Dreamcatcher is resourcing travel,accommodation and logistical assistance. The final amount of €6500 to duplicate the dvd and make viewing accessible to more women and girls across South Africa is currently being sought.
  • €15000.00 – Putting the sun to work for healthier, safer and more effective Kamammas – Harnessing the sun to promote improved health, hygiene and upgrading Kamamma tourist experience infrastructure by installing solar geysers at the Homestay and Cook-up venues of the Homestay and Cook-up with Kamammas, to lead to better health and self-sufficiency. Funds have been sourced by Dreamcatcher Nederland via the Middemeer Project and Wilde Ganzen, The Netherlands.
  • $20000/€18000/£16000 – La Bloemen – Developing a tourist product and destination the form of a botanical and organic herb and vegetable garden, heritage and cultural experience and peripheral services in the Garden Route. Creating jobs and micro-entrepreneurs by harnessing the benefits of waste re-use in Kamamma communities. Funding sourcing is currently in process.
  • Waste its Mine its Yours: Creating jobs and micro-entrepreneurs by harnessing the benefits of waste re-use in Kamamma communities. A pilot project to address the impacts of waste on the community and put it to work to generate work, entrepreneurship and resources such as compost for gardening. Funding and Project planning is currently in process.


Resources for youth and children as well as job – and entrepreneur self-sufficiency development

  • Football shoes for DC Soccer kids: Dreamcatcher has been sponsoring a team of young boys who would otherwise have been on the streets in Stutterheim Township to develop their talents as football players. We need 14 pairs of football shoes and we need football kit (shirts, socks and pants). We have sourced the football shoes for the boys via Dreamcatcher Foundation, Netherlands and the kit from Ajax,Netherlands by kind involvement and sourcing of our Ambassador, Karin Bloemen.
  • Though HIV/AIDS patients receive free medication, the gloves their home carers need every day to assist them, nappies and nutrition is not. We also have Dreamcatcher youth and individuals who are physically challenged or in need of the same resources. We need funds to cover these costs. Funding for a supply of nappies and gloves where provided through the kind fund raising of Volunteer D’Laina Boynton from the USA.
  • Sourcing a further supply of rain coats and rain ponchos for additional children facing cold and wet winter walks to schools a distance away and sitting in wet clothing all day in class from volunteers: Sourcing of our needs were supplied by volunteer Clare Butler and her sponsors, from a local theme park in the United Kingdom. Clare also brought along some school resources for the children where she volunteered.
  • Sourcing of warm woolly hats and socks for Dreamcatcher children in Worcester, Stutterheim and Melkhoutfontein: Sourcing of our needs for Melkhoutfontein and Worcester were supplied by volunteer `Lynne Woodard from the United Kingdom and for the children in Stutterheim we received the socks and woolly hats from Herman and Mia Jacobs, from the Netherlands who raised the funds via their own resources and community.
  • Sourcing in of a motor vehicle for transport: This need has been met via a Grant from Wilde Ganzen, fund raising by Karin Bloemen and Dreamcatcher Netherlands.