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"Put a stop to all the 'sustainability' talk! Walk with Dreamcatcher to change words into actions. Become part of the solution to address environmental, economic and social challenges impacting communities".
Anthea Rossouw
Dreamcatcher Founder

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Dreamcatcher South Africa was founded to concretely address the challenges inhibiting quality of life in communities and their local environment.

There are three pillars to sustainability – social, environment and economic – or people, planet and profit. When we started our journey, business and development in general, was based on parochial economic models, influenced by the politics of South Africa, with little consideration of people and the environment. Our objective was to work in an integrated manner, following a pluralistic, human centred community-based approach to innovate a new pathway for the greater good of society.

Over 3 decades we have consistently ‘walked the talk’ and have been making a difference in communities across South Africa. Our inclusive, integrated pioneering models have direct and sustainable impacts on communities where we are engaged. Today our award-winning efforts addressing the Sustainable Development Goals are internationally recognised and we collaborate with organisations globally.  

There is growing emphasis on climate change, wellbeing, habitat loss, Environmental Social Governance (ESG), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and transitioning from a linear to a circular economy. With September 2023 being the mid-way point in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals cycle – there is greater scrutiny and imperative on how industry, governments, institutions and communities have responded and are going to meet the targets for 2030.

Experiencing an increased demand to share our pioneering approach of putting sustainable development into practice, the next stage of our work is developing a Sustainable Futures Centre. The centre will facilitate knowledge and skills exchange, where visitors learn our philosophy, how our models work in an integrated way, and the impact of our activities. As leaders of tomorrow, inheriting the challenges left from previous generations, there will be an emphasis on children and youth. The centre, based in the Western Cape of South Africa, will be a permanent site to host our projects and act as a blueprint for other communities to learn from.

We are working on securing the land and we have many of the resources needed to populate the centre – however we are seeking support for the development of the building which will embrace sustainable principles. Our ultimate goal is to inspire and accelerate sustainable development practice by sharing our model in order to tangibly address the challenges we face globally.

If you are interested in becoming a change maker with us, we would value your support – you can donate through the link at the top of the page. The faster we can raise the funds the quicker we can support communities, regenerate the environment, and change the future. Please donate today – a sustainable future is the Dreamcatcher way.