Who we are

STEPi is an organization that aims to make sure children are prepared, willing, and happy when they reach adulthood. We want to make sure every child has choices when they reach maturity, so they are equipped with the tools needed to become adults that prosper and thrive. We are creating a movement that shifts the mindset towards the holistic development of children and envisioning a future of opportunities for every child.

What we do

We provide resources that support the cognitive and emotional development of children, and subsequently the adults they are connected to.We work with an array of communities to help better their literacy skills and change lives by creating meaning.

What We Envision

We envision a world built on a foundation of inclusivity, compassion, and peace for everyone. A real utopia.

The aim of STEPi  (Squaring the Education Pyramid Institute) is to ensure that children are prepared, willing and happy when they reach adulthood. We are elated to share that Dreamcatcher South Africa npc is partnering with the STEPi to manage the STEPi project in Southern Africa. STEPi provides the resources, support and emotional development of children and their parents they are connected to. We look forward to deploying the STEPi project across greater South and Southern Africa and beyond.

STEPi is for people who really want the tools to help create a world of peace, compassion, justice, resilience, happiness, and thriving sustainability for everyone, now and all future generations. 

Paul H. Sutherland www.stepiedu.com

Our Stories

STEPi publishes children’s books that encourage empathy, self-awareness, and inclusivity, and focuses on the emotional development of children. Some of our exciting stories include:

100 Stories

A story-telling lion and a rock python tackle diversity, acceptance, and security.


This story explored environmental conservation, civic participation, and connectedness.

Amani the Boda-Boda Rider

An ambitious little girl teaches us equality, inclusivity, and perseverance.

A Boy Named Justice

A courageous young boy teaches children about bullying, justice, and acceptance.

Happy Girl, Happy Boy

This is an important story that tackles anxiety and fear, mindfulness, and gratitude.

Crash Boom Splash

This is an interactive story that teaches children tolerance, good judgement, love, and empowerment.