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Why Go Truly Local?

Tour of Melkhoutfontein

Who could know an area better than its locals? The best way to get the most out of your time in South Africa is to engage with communities on your travels. We have been working across South Africa on tourism enterprise and destination development for over 3 decades.

Steeped in sustainability spanning over 30 years, we are experts in destination development and facilitating authentic local visitor encounters. We design bespoke travel itineraries traversing South Africa and beyond for discerning visitors and tour operators who seek more than a tick-box experience. We integrate humanity and nature into rewarding community-based tourism encounters which complement mainstream itineraries. We have innovated and pioneered exciting, diverse travel routes for visitors to discover a Southern Africa they never knew existed.

All community-based experiences we offer are 100% owned and managed by local entrepreneurs. Dreamcatcher trains its suppliers intensively and helps to calculate market-related and fair prices for their products and services. 90% of tourism spend goes directly to the enterprises who manage their own finances and create jobs. Through the Dreamcatcher model they adopt or support local projects benefitting their wider community, and the surrounding environment. These actions have led us to be recognised as responsible leaders in tourism. We know the country inside out, making us your perfect travel route companion, whether you are an independent individual traveller, a tour operator or wholesaler seeking to support and drive a new pathway to meaningful, fun, truly sustainable tourism, and travel. 

Explore some of our experiences below – including a video featuring one of our long standing Kamamma matriarch ‘Mama Esme’ in Kayamandi, Stellenbosch and check out recent feedback from Dutch visitors who went ‘truly local’. Contact us today, it’s the Dreamcatcher tourism way. . .