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Since inception over 30 years ago, our founder’s ethos to sustainability and social change in South Africa, has been to follow a pluralistic approach for the greater good of society. These core values are at the heart of our projects and guide our activities every day. Each Dreamcatcher Kamamma and Bhuti (mothers and brothers who carry their children and community on their backs), actively support projects to benefit their communities. Pivotal to this has been working with local children and youth, many of whom are at risk, or living in recuring poverty. 

The legacy of the political system, resulted in millions of people subjected to decades long socio-economic hardship, lack of skills, knowledge and lower educational levels -and therefore opportunities.  Recurring poverty in communities created multiple anti-social environments.

Many children are from single parents or grandparent raising families. Cognitive and physical development barriers created multiple challenges. Unemployment is high and particularly school leaving youth find it hard to find work with some children exposed to emotional, psychological and physical abuse. Whilst not all, a significant number live in an environment of alcohol -and substance abuse. 85% of Dreamcatcher Kids, as they are known, do not have an own room or space to study or play and live in cramped over-crowded conditions.

Our work with youth is collectively referred to as the ‘Dreamcatcher Kids’ programme. And we do happy 😊!  Working from the premise that children and youth are the future of South Africa – we believe that a happy child will increase their ability to cope with multiple challenges they face. We simultaneously build universal bridges of understanding, tolerance and intra-cultural affirmation between youth. Over the years the ‘Dreamcatcher Kids’ initiative has been delivered in a variety of ways from after school support several times a week, a week of activities during holidays and one-off events. Our international visitors often volunteer on these programmes sharing their knowledge, experience and skills. Many of these initiatives have been collaborations with other important community organisations and education providers.

Our Impact

Over the past few decades, we have been engaged in a range of activities in communities where we work including:

You can explore more about our commitment to invest in the sustainable futures of the youth of South Africa in the gallery below.