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Kick-Up with Kamamma

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‘Kick-Up with Kamamma’™ is a first of its kind exercise programme ideated and founded in 2013 focusing specifically on teenage girls and women living in challenging social and economic conditions in communities across South Africa and beyond . . .as anyone can use it ! Dreamcatcher, working at grass roots, was motivated to produce the programme after observing stressful circumstances across multiple communities, impacting on the well-being and quality of life of women and girls. Today there are vaccination programmes for many life-threatening diseases, but very little, if anything, is done to inoculate girls and women against stress factors faced in their daily lives. This programme is our humble contribution to recognise these challenges and be a part of the solution.

Kick-Up with Kamamma, is a free resource to develop a stronger body and mind, increase serotonin and relieve stress wherever women and girls find themselves. It was our vision that Kick-Up with Kamamma could additionally contribute to the development of self-esteem and confidence.

Ideating and spending two years conceptualising Kick-Up with Kamamma, our founder worked with Debbie Siebers, Fitness and Empowerment Expert, to develop the themes and routines. Enthusing a team of filming and production experts, passionate about South Africa, and willing to help us bring this to life, we started filming in March of 2015. The four routines options are: warm up, cardio, resistance and stretch. They  were inspired by daily chores emulating nature, lifestyle and music promoting core body strengthening exercises, with daily chores whilst simultaneously identifying and celebrating the wonders of South Africa:

As our crew travelled around the country, with its stunning environment into communities across the country, it became clear that Kick-Up with Kamamma is a much-needed tool. As relevant then as it is today. As the benefits are universal, we are making it available free of charge on the link below.

Filming the warm up routine at Kairos High School in Heidelberg, Western Cape
Filming at St Martin de Porres High School
Behind the scenes - Debbie and Anthea with participants from St Martin de Porres High School in Orlando West, Soweto, Johannesburg
Filming at Melkhoutfontein Primary School, near Stilbaai
Filming the cardio routine at Melkhoutfontein Primary School, near Stilbaai
Kick Up example
An example of Kick Up Kamamma being accessed to benefit local youth in 2017
Group shot Melkhoutfontein Primary school
We are grateful for all the support from learners, teachers and schools - pictured are the learners from Melkhoutfontein Primary School
Grape picking
The grape picking team at Nuy Valley Wine Estate who feature in Kick Up with Kamamma and inspired part of the routine

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Every contribution has collectively realised this project. Your vision and commitment to embrace and help us to produce Kick-Up with Kamamma, and promote gender equality is laudable. You have done happy 🙂 resulting in a significant number of happier women and girls! Thank you.

Kick-Up with Kamamma was made possible through generous donations. Our thanks go to The Utopia Foundation and anonymous funders, who co-funded this project with Dreamcatcher South Africa NPC.

Our heartfelt thanks to: Debbie Siebers; Henna Renfurm, social anthropologist from Holland; Ricardo Alvarez, film/documentary maker and cameraman, who co-edited with Anthea Rossouw, founder of Dreamcatcher who conceptualised, produced and directed the project; Xara Fourie, gifted South African film editor, for final edit assistance; Debbi Asuncion who worked tirelessly with us; Disney Productions and Universal Music for sponsorship of music.

We also thank the following participating schools and their enthusiastic learners: St Martin de Porres High School in Orlando West, Soweto, Johannesburg; Kairos High School in Heidelberg, Western Cape;  and Melkhoutfontein Primary School near Stilbaai. The many Dreamcatcher Kamammas and community members, who offered support, food, accommodation and were hands on everywhere.

We included some of our incredible environmental attributes and nature, to remind the girls and women of their heritage. Further thanks to the Drummers in Soweto; Adventures with Elephants in Bela Bela; Botlierskop Private Game Reserve in Mosselbay district; Highgate Ostrich Show Farm in Oudtshoorn; Nuy Valley Guest House and Wine Estate especially the female grape picking team (who inspired part of the routine) plus Nuy Stasie Primary School in Nuy, and Eikendal Lodge in the Somerset West district.  

Music Rights

We are grateful to Disney Productions who put the first 50 seconds of music of “The Circle of Life” at our disposal free of charge and to Universal Music for significantly reduced rates and help to acquire the lyrics and music of “Best Day of My Life” by American Authors.