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Cook-Up with Kamamma™

Cook up with Kamamma

“To visit the Kamamma’s is a unique and unforgettable experience. Their warmth and the way they invite you into their homes is amazing. They show you how to make traditional dishes, but the best experience is to share dinner and talk about life. You will feel so welcome and enriched after your visit. I can really recommend you go!”

Kamamma Esme hosting a Cook-Up serving traditional Xhosa food

What is a Cook-Up with Kamamma™?

A Dreamcatcher Cook-Up with Kamamma™ is a heart-warming, authentically local food experience taking place in the welcoming surrounds, at the registered Cook-Up with Kamamma Home Kitchen (or outdoors). Cook-Up with Kamamma can be found in communities on most or close to the main travel routes of South Africa. It is also a legally registered brand, which has been developed with Kamammas (Matriarchs) over a period of 30 years in communities across South Africa.

Whoever books Dreamcatcher Cook-Up with Kamamma™ will not find the glamour of a four or five star restaurant. If Michelin stars consider the size and amenities in the kitchen, your Cook-Up with Kamamma™ will get none! A Dreamcatcher Kamamma learned to develop skills to cook her favourite recipes with very few amenities at her disposal. Armed with one pot and one burner or over an open fire, some Dreamcatcher Kamamma’s sustained and fed “freedom fighters” with their comfort food, where tasty meals simmered beneath mouth watering dumplings or steam bread, serving as the lid to seal in the flavour! Your kitchen or dining table is not laid in state-of-the-art-cutlery and crockery, but the humbling, yet proudly offered home from home fare. Your usual tourist meal is turned into 10 star experience with fun and laughter part of the menu. You learn what makes the specific community “tick” and it is your cue to share your own culture and country.

So, Cook-Up with Kamamma™ is stripped of staged culture and offers A Taste of Reality both literally and figuratively. It an interactive and heart-warming lunch or dinner experience for the adventurous and socially discerning visitor, the “foodie” and family travellers. It is also a rewarding enhancement for incentive programmes and experiences. The Kamamma shares her lifestyle and traditions in an authentic home-based setting. You will enjoy cooking an item or two of your hearty meal as Kamamma invites you into her kitchen. This is a fun and participative experience. It usually lasts for one and a half to two hours but some folk just cannot leave, as they touch the life of the matriarch in her own home. Creative Cook-Up Kamamma’s cater for vegetarians, pescatarians, vegans. diabetics and/or other special food need choices.

What visitors can expect is five-star safety, five-star smiles, five-star food, cooked from scratch, every meal, every time. There will not be a multitude of menu items. Rather the menu will depict the number of items authentic to the local lifestyle. However, second helpings if there is anything left after cleaning your tasty plate, are not charged for additionally! Stories true to life and times of today, yesterday and tomorrow are shared (in English mainly). Expect to learn a couple of local words in one of the 11 official languages along the way.

Included – Cook-Up Kamamma™ lunch or dinner
– To be met at the entrance to the community if you are driving yourself
– Learn about the local culture, traditional food and you can join in to cook with Kamamma if you like.
– Soft drinks and/or traditional ginger beer
Excluded – Alcohol (Please note that no Dreamcatcher services are licensed for the sale of alcohol. In the event clients wish to enjoy wine or beer they must purchase this enroute where you are tasting wine or at licensed suppliers. We can provide chilling facilities if needed.)
– Transport to the venue unless arranged as part of a Dreamcatcher tour.
– VAT and mandatory levies: Where applicable, these costs are indicated separately on invoices.



For rates for your specific needs please contact Dreamcatcher.


Our experiences are ideal and conducive to individual, family and small group travel of up to 10 people. Small group rates of no more than 14 persons can be accommodated. A larger group will be split between the 2 Kamammas. In recognition of the impact of groups of more than 14 on community life and accompanied by the fact that the quality of the experience, which is authentic local contact, could be compromised, Dreamcatcher does not offer Cook-Up with Kamamma to groups of larger than 14 persons unless special arrangements are made where we will split the group up between two Cook-Up with Kamamma venues in the same town.

If you are interested in booking or require more information please Contact us.


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