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COVID response

Covid response


The Covid pandemic had a devastating social and economic impact across the world – for many of us the impacts continue.

A core part of Dreamcatcher’s work is welcoming visitors to communities where we work to stay in Homestays, have a CookUp with Kamamma, go on a walkabout or volunteer. Due to the pandemic, of course, it was not possible for people to travel impacting on the income of enterprises.

However, this did not stop our work – and throughout the pandemic we mobilised to support communities with the Dreamcatcher team and First Responders playing important roles on the front line.

We also invested in training programmes including Covid-19 protocol-ready training for our services and enterprises from by Joleen du Plessis from Alive Ptl Trainers.

We remain thankful for the wonderful support from local and international collaborators, friends and trainers who have stood by us since day 1 of the pandemic. Through their collective support we supported Kamammas, enterprises, youth on Dreamcatcher programmes, their extended families, and vulnerable people in communities throughout the pandemic.


In Melkhoutfontein alone Dreamcatcher distributed nutritious food to provide over 34,000 meals plus PPE, personal hygiene products and vitamins. We provided phone data so families could keep in contact and money to cover power costs. Kamammas also made reusable masks for distribution in the community.

We are deeply grateful for the unwavering support from everyone who has been involved. Big shout out to: the dedicated Dreamcatcher staff led by Ineke, First Responders, and in Stilbaai: Silver Link, Tilana Coetzee, OK Foods, Fynbos Pharmacy, MC Vars Produkte Mark, the Civic Response Team, Stilbaai Police and in George: Food Lovers Market Garden Route Mall.

We thankful to the following funders and supporters: Dreamcatcher Foundation Netherlands and Board Members, Onderwijs maak je Samen, Dr Jean Penny, Utopia Foundation, USA and independent funders who prefer to be unnamed, for financial and collaborators across the world for providing funding and emotional support.

With society returning to normality we are delighted to see increased demand for our tourism enterprises and environmental management services. In February 2022 we welcomed back our first international visitors from the UK and USA, as well as domestic bookings, with many more confirmed.

A legacy of the pandemic has been our B2FyF (Back to Front Yard Farming)™ project. Through our research in the communities, our First Responders identified a key challenge was nutrition and access to affordable vegetables, fruit and herbs. We have since launched the B2FyF initiative supporting the community to grow their own food.