Dreamcatcher South Africa NPC

Meet our Board of Directors

In line with the UN2030 Sustainable Development Goals since its founding: The Board of Directors of Dreamcatcher South Africa NPC were elected to serve to:

-Contribute their skills and passion to inclusively and deliberately, with measurable outcomes to, address recurring poverty through socio-economic growth projects.

-The promotion of community -and environmental wellness. 

-To Actively prioritise innovation to promote income sufficiency/efficiency and food security.

-To enable skills transfer and education for the sustainable futures of communities and their local environment.  

-To affirm diversity, promote gender equality and facilitate leadership focusing predominantly, yet not exclusively on women, children, youth and marginalised/and or vulnerable members of society.

Directors have been chosen to serve on the Dreamcatcher South Africa Board based on their skills and attributes to achieve the goals of projects specifically geared to the above.

Andelene Aghulhas-DamonsAndelene Aghulhas-Damons
Chairperson, Retired Nurse
Portfolio: Wellness & Event Support
Karel LietzKarel Lietz
Deputy Chairperson: Qualified Technician & Avid Gardener
Portfolio: Maintenance of Power Systems, Botanical & Organic Food Growing 
Anthea RossouwAnthea Rossouw
Founder, Change Management Specialist
Portfolio: Sustainable Socio-Economic, Tourism & Environmental Regeneration
Deloris WewersDeloris Wewers
Semi-Retired Social Worker
Portfolio: Community and Social Development
Elmordine SaaymanElmordine Saayman
Childhood Development & Crafter
Portfolio: Children/Youth Development, STEPi Literacy and Cognitive Development, & Crafting Coordination