Our Partners & Collaborators

Dreamcatcher was founded to improve quality of life through the development and innovation of outcomes based socio-economic and environmental development projects. We are committed to turn actions into words and measurable outcomes.

Over the past 30 years Dreamcatcher has developed an internationally recognised model to address socio-economic challenges through enterprise. Through collaboration we are leading change in communities via applied research, and knowledge and skills exchange to ensure sustainable outcomes and legacy. Our aim is to transcend the current status quo, spearhead innovation and measure the impact of our development programmes. We have been collaborating with universities, colleges, institutions, local authorities, researchers, and volunteers as research partners.

Additionally we have provided internship opportunities for tourism, waste management and social enterprise development for students and policy developers from around the world on skills -and knowledge exchange projects to help guide and inform future policy decisions and actions based on practical examples we have implemented. As an organisation experienced in community engagement and credibly connected on the ground to communities, we are an ideal research partner. Dreamcatcher provides the local base and support to work on projects with potential outcomes leading to innovation and sustainable change for the good in communities.

We pioneer innovation and identify where appropriate, the barriers to change or improvement in communities negatively affected by socio-economic hardships and deprivation. We focus on outcomes and workable models with inherent potential to duplicate/apply or share with other communities. We work as intermediaries and co-ordinate research programmes with the full co-operation and consultation with the relevant communities as involved partner and as research partners with universities. We trial implemented models and are committed to outcomes based research projects.

Our motto is ‘Go Truly Local’ for sustainable outcomes and it is here where visitors and scholars to South Africa get involved, engage and work with and in the communities as Global Citizens.

We therefore collaborate locally and globally with a wide range of institutions, individuals, and organisations. We are thankful to have been supported by a range of grant funders who are aligned to our core values. Since our founding we have proudly collaborated with the following partners, and continue to work with many of them:

Develop and design of our corporate identity and branding

Grant funders

  • Dreamcatcher Netherlands (Netherlands)

Skills development and knowledge transfer

  • Primary and Middle Schools throughout South Africa

Health, wellness and environment

  • Dr Kelly Campbell (USA)
  • SPAR (SA)

Arts and crafts

  • Antoinette Coetzee (SA)
  • Dianne Rossouw (SA)
  • Elize Kruis (SA)
  • Junkanew (SA)
  • Maxie du Plooy (SA)
  • Stefano Santilli (UK)

Enterprise and Tourism Development

  • ALIVE Ptl – Joleen & Phillip du Plessis (SA)