Dreamcatcher South Africa NPC

From Here to Everywhere

This colourful mural is hosted on the home of Miena and family. Painted in 2017 you can read more about Bruce’s design here. The mural shows the spreading out of humanity from the first cultural expressions at Blombos and features a range of important artifacts and depictions of daily life. A range of community members and volunteers were involved in the painting including the Dreamcatcher Kids and long-term supporters Romy and Evert from the Netherlands and their friends Frank & Nikki.

  • From Here to Everywhere
  • From Here to Everywhere
  • Painting the background
  • Background complete - time to add detail
  • Addition of humans
  • Adding more detail
  • The final mural
  • Miena proudly shows off the final mural with Bruce and volunteers Nikki, Frank & Evert
  • In memory of Miena's husband, who was a fisherman, the mural integrated three fishing boats.
  • Details of dancers