Dreamcatcher South Africa NPC

Tale of Shipwrecks/My Swift Family

This mural is inspired by the shipwrecks in the local area – Irish decedents of shipwreck survivors live in Melkhoutfontein. It was painted in 2017 and proudly adorns the ‘Dreamcatcher Sterretjie Homestay’ of Kamamma Gerty and family. Many community members and volunteers worked on the mural including staff and students from Charlotte Country Day school, USA. Designed by Bruce Rimell here you can read more about some of the personal touches made to the mural by Bruce expressing his love for Gerty and family who he has stayed with during his multiple stays in Melkhoutfontein, plus some additions made in 2019.

  • Staff and students from Charlotte Country Day school, prepare the background
  • Painting the sky
  • Painting the sky
  • Completing the background
  • Background completed - now time for detail
  • Fish being added....
  • ....and boats....
  • ...and finally the swifts
  • The final mural
  • Lleyton making some additions in 2019
  • Lleyton and Gerwin making updates in 2019
  • Completion of the 'My Swift Family'