Dreamcatcher South Africa NPC

The Eland People

The Eland People mural is featured on the home of Samantha and family. Painted in 2016 the mural depicts an eland hunt set in the Goukou River valley close to Melkhoutfontein a few thousand years ago. Designed by Bruce Rimell – you can find more about the design here. Unfortunately due to maintenance work to the house the mural has now been painted over. Click through the slideshow which explains in more detail different aspects of the mural.

  • The Eland People
  • Before
  • Bruce and Samantha prepping the wall
  • Work in progress
  • Work in progress
  • The completed 'Eland People' mural
  • Eland costume
  • The hunt
  • Magical female
  • The prey
  • Samantha proudly shows off the complete mural on her home