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Wasteland – Gracedland

This colorful mural was designed by the amazing Lindy Bishop. Historically Melkhoutfontein has been the dumping ground for waste from the surrounding area including the nearby resort of Stilbaai. Until recent years waste was burned in the open air at the municipality ran dumpsite having a significant impact on public health and environment. Whilst the burning of waste has largely stopped the site still does not meet the conditions of its operating license.

The mural depicts the beautiful fauna and flora of the area, and how this is impacted by poor waste management. It also pays homage to Dreamcatcher’s work to raise awareness of waste in the community, and our project to transform a dumpsite into a botanical garden. Many community members including youth were involved in painting the mural – you can read more about Lindy’s experience in her blog. Here you can read more about our work to improve waste management in the community.

Wasteland - Gracedland
Wasteland – Gracedland