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Dreamcatcher has been working on addressing poor waste management since 2009. A key component of this work has been addressing organic waste. Organic waste – consisting mainly of food and garden waste – is a useful resource that can be recycled and transformed into compost to grow fruit, vegetables, and (Click to read more)
Happy Global Recycling Day everyone! For almost 20 years Dreamcatcher have been working on initiatives to address waste and its impact on public health and environment – you can find out more here. We are proud to be members of the Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa and active (Click to read more)
We are always elated to welcome South African and international volunteers! On 15 June 2023, on Worldwide Day of Giving and embracing the central theme of ‘the power of collective action’, we welcomed the Pernod Ricard South Africa team for their annual Responsib’All Day. Jumping in with their sleeves rolled (Click to read more)
Over many years Dreamcatcher has welcomed a significant number of visitors from over 30 countries. This has included developing bespoke travel programmes, and enriching mainstream travel itineraries with ‘Go Truly Local’ experiences including community Walkabouts, Homestay with Kamamma and Cook-Up with Kamamma. This month we were elated to host Dirk (Click to read more)
On 31st December 2023 we completed our tenure managing the STEPi – (Squaring the Education Pyramid Institute) programme in South Africa. Sharing Utopia Foundation (USA) passion to promote and facilitate cognitive development, and skills through English story books – Dreamcatcher was appointed to administer and manage the distribution of books (Click to read more)
At Dreamcatcher we have been lobbying since 2009 for improved waste management in the communities where we work. Many have historically been blighted by poor waste management including burning of waste in the open air, illegal dumping, littering, access to limited recycling services and lack of waste awareness. Our activities (Click to read more)
In 2019 Chairperson of Dreamcatcher Nederlands Hans Mooren, embarked on a unique photo project in Melkhoutfontein with Dreamcatcher South Africa NPC. The project, embracing a human centred approach the aim of the photo project was to recognise the diversity and heritage of the community of Melkhoutfontein, situated in the Stilbaai (Click to read more)
At Dreamcatcher we underpin our project activities by conducting research to identify inhibitors impacting quality of life in communities. Community engagement pre – and particularly post-Covid pandemic identified that the lack of access to nutritious food remains a challenge. Access to fresh nutritious food improves infant, child and maternal health, (Click to read more)
Earlier this year we were blessed to host Dennis Warner and his talented band who were touring South Africa giving performances as volunteers as part of the STEPi (Squaring the Education Pyramid Institute) literacy and cognitive development programme which Dreamcatcher is managing in South Africa. Dreamcatcher facilitated all travel arrangements (Click to read more)