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What a difference a day makes! Collaboration with Pernod Ricard contributes to sustainable communities

Group shot Pernod and Dreamcatcher

Collectively, they significantly contributed to our Community and Environmental Sustainability projects. This included providing a rain water harvesting butt, planting micro-vegetables on our food growing project, building book shelves for the many books contributed to an upcoming project, and packing nutritious food parcels for distribution to the community of Melkhoutfontein, including Soeterus Campus and Jagersbosch in Stilbaai for the vulnerable.  Their donations of food, books, reclaimed wood vegetable boxes, delivery of planting boxes to community members, providing lunch, and painting of a fun wall mural for our future centre, created a hive of activity and much laughter.

The Dreamcatcher Sustainability and Climate Action team also demonstrated how composting of food and garden waste in home gardens produces high quality free compost, while reducing the negative environmental impact of landfilling organic waste, to boot. And that was all done in one day! Their infectious energy and enthusiasm to join our team turned a rainy day into to a ‘ray’ of sunshine. 

Thank you very much Pernod Ricard South Africa.  We cannot wait to welcome your team of volunteers back in the future. With so much commitment to make such a difference in a day – the sky is the limit!

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