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DC Kids Connect at First Hand with their Cultural Heritage and the Wildlife of South Africa

Image of the Point of Human Origin

During the past few months we had the pleasure of facilitating educational trips for the Dreamcatcher Kids aka ‘DC Kids’ to visit the world-renowned archaeological site, ‘Point of Human Origins’ in Mossel Bay, famous for its early evidence for modern human behaviour.

After lunch which included a BIG milkshake, they visited the amazing Botlierskop Game Reserve which plays an important role in conserving many rare and endangered species. Botlierskop is a great conservation story! The children learned about the wildlife populating South Africa. And as a first for all of them, they saw the renowned Big 5 (African Buffalo, Elephant, Leopard, Lion and Rhino) up close. Some said it was the best day of their lives❤. Accompanied by volunteers Abby and Leora from USA and Dreamcatcher staff, and safely transported by Saaymans’ Transport Service, they all had a great, memorable day!

Thanks to all our funders who made this possible, and Botlierskop for being such great, patient and informative hosts. Visit the DC Kids page for more information on our work empowering youth.

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