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Happy Global Recycling Day !

Reuse atlas

Happy Global Recycling Day everyone!

For almost 20 years Dreamcatcher have been working on initiatives to address waste and its impact on public health and environment – you can find out more here.

We are proud to be members of the Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa and active participants in the SMJ Community Waste Working Group working to improve waste management in the wider Stilbaai area.

Later this year a delegation from Dreamcatcher will be attending the International Solid Waste Management Association Annual Congress taking place in Cape Town – the first time the event has taken place in Africa (yay). This is the world’s largest gathering of waste management professionals, government officials, industry leaders, policymakers, scientists – we look forward to learning about good practice from around the world, exchanging knowledge, and hopefully presenting our work.

We are also elated to feature in a book released later this year – The Re-use Atlas: A Designer’s Guide Towards a Circular Economy addressing how we can move towards a circular economy. The book is written by the inspirational architect, academic and environmental activist Duncan Baker-Brown – who has worked on hundreds of sustainable design and circular economy projects – including leading the multi award winning Waste House constructed using over 85% waste material.

Chapter 5 is written by long term Dreamcatcher friends and collaborators Nick Gant (University of Brighton) and Dr Ryan Woodard, and shares our ongoing ‘Made in Melkhoutfontein’ project which transitions waste into arts and crafts. The chapter explores how the project evolved, impact, and features crafts made by our Melkhoutfontein enterprises.

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