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Dreamcatcher Founder Shares our Story with Socio-Economic Thought Leaders in Botswana

Anthea with tourism minister for Botswana

The Botswanan publication ‘Woman 2 Woman’ features and celebrates the impact that women have in socio-economic development. The November/December 2021 edition focused on women in travel, tourism and hospitality and we were elated that our founder, Anthea, was interviewed to share the Dreamcatcher South Africa integrated model addressing sustainability.

The positive response to the article led to Anthea’s invitation to the 8th SPAR-Woman 2 Woman Power Business Breakfast in Gaborone as the International Guest Speaker in June 2022. She shared the podium with a host of inspiring women including the Minister of Environment, Natural Resources and Tourism Mme Kereng (pictured above), who was Guest of Honour.

“Anthea delivered a larger than life and highly insightful presentation that captured the hearts and imagination of the diverse audience. The Power Business Breakfast session’s theme ‘Gender Equality for a Sustainable Tomorrow’ resonated very well with Anthea as she delivered a keynote presentation with insightful and thought-provoking perspectives. 

Her timely far-reaching talk, driven by her green solutionist mindset and empowering persona, focused on her thriving ‘Go Truly Local’™ model of sustainable development as a pathway to socio-economic change in communities, underpinned by enterprise, tourism, and environmental protection. Anthea delivered beyond aspiration and rhetoric, inspiring innovation and implementing achievable actions in an inclusive and participative way. Anthea’s charismatic, authentic, and effusive personality was quick to win over the audience comprising of largely young guests, plus established corporate leaders and business owners, media, and supportive, progressive men. She zoned in on women and youth, as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will not be achievable without including these key demographic groups. This auspicious occasion was a morning well spent with the audience inspired with practical examples of how placing humanity at the centre of sustainable social-economic development leads to positive change.

It was noticeable that the audience didn’t just rush up for the ‘usual selfie’ moment with her, but engaged with and connected with her post-event and beyond. Subsequently Anthea has kept in contact with audience members and has been a highly valued mentor and coach on sustainable tourism and gender equality.

Anthea joined myself and stakeholders on the eve and post event to engage with local communities who she views as the ultimate custodians of sustainable tourism futures. She really is the embodiment of ubuntu and an affable green economy solutionist, who lives to the full, the values of community, empowerment, and inclusivity for sustainable development”. 

Gerald D Moyo

Gerald with Anthea (centre below) – with the ‘Woman 2 Woman’ team and fellow speakers.

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